My photo project Offroad - Car Wrecks in the Swedish Forest is about the beauty of transience and about the correlation between nature and technology. Since the automobile damages the forest with its exhaust emissions, cars are considered to be the great enemy of nature. But if cars are left behind in the forest, nature will first host the vehicles and afterwards will take possession of them. Piece by piece the cars become one with their surrounding. The foreign objects become a piece of landscape again.
By taking nature structures as an example, man creates the shape of the automobile. Nature on the other hand transforms this shape and creates pieces of art using its own means as time goes by. Deprived of its identification, the automobile remains on the forest soil in a state of rigor mortis. Slowly but steady nature breathes new life into the motionless object in its own way.

The car-cemetery where my photos have been taken, is in Sweden at the border to Norway. In 1955 the Ivansson brothers established a garage for car parts which developed soon into a huge scrap yard with cars of several brands. By and by the number of cars increased, so that there can be seen more than 1000 specimen in the forest. In the year 1986 the business was stopped but most of the cars still remain there.