Adoption from India

My report shows the adoption of the Indian child Ranjit who is adopted by the Swiss couple Eveline and Fabrice Küffer. Place of adoption is the orphanage Shishu Bhavan, the city of peace, which Mother Teresa founded in 1955. The Childrens Home, which is a temporary home for the orphans, is located in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal in India. Finally is the big day: For the first time the Küffers meet their adopted son Ranjit. The joy of the family is great, because the whole project adoption has streched over a long period of time. Nearly four years have passed since the adoption request in Switzerland has been submitted. One year later the Küffer family gets the news from the Swiss exchange organization Terre des Hommes that they are finally on the waiting list for an Indian child. The next two years put the family to the test, but then they get the proposal for an Indian boy. In the meantime the couple wonders, if the adoption takes place at all because of all the difficulties. Furthermore, the age of adopting parents should not be more than 45 years in Switzerland. Suddenly everything goes more quickly than expected: Fabrice and Eveline Küffer get the news from India, that they may pick up their son.
10-year-old Angel, who has been adopted from the same orphanage in Kolkata five years ago, also comes along to pick up her new brother.
The photo series documents the adoption in Kolkata, India, as well as Ranjits new life in Switzerland.